Summer Refresh: 16 New Templates

For many, a website can mean a fresh start for their personal brand or business. This summer we’ve launched 16 new templates to make creating a powerful online identity even easier. Each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects — whether you’re pursuing your side hustle or promoting your main gig.  



Aria’s cool, composed layout sets the stage for musicians hoping to showcase their work, promote an album, or captivate new audiences. Video Backgrounds add a dynamic layer to any website, creating an immersive experience and providing every site visitor with front row seats. Video backgrounds take the place of a static banner image, bringing your site’s content to life instantly.



Treat yourself to luxurious design with a sophisticated template like Camino. Sleek scrolling effects and full-screen image displays give your brand or business the royal treatment by putting your site’s message front and center. The built-in Acuity Block streamlines your scheduling needs so you can book more clients more often. This multipurpose block embeds a scheduler right on the page, providing a seamless, self-service experience.



Maple lets you introduce your local business to a global audience while staying true to your brand. This minimalist, yet versatile, design makes a big impact on site visitors the moment they load the page. The new and improved Image Block offers even more ways to customize your content, guaranteeing a website as unique as your business. From bold text overlays and poster-style layouts to subtle stacked designs, the Image Block’s diverse layout options give you the ultimate control over your site’s imagery, further strengthening your brand’s look and feel. 



Whether you’re setting up shop for the first time or looking to boost sales, Cacao’s eye-catching design creates a rich, one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Merchandising your online store has never been easier than it is with this bold new layout. Promotional Pop-ups provide a way for customers to interact with your site, from flash sales to new product announcements, and more. Multiple layouts and design flexibility ensure that promotions reflect your brand’s unique style.


Explore the entire summer template collection here. If you have questions, contact our award-winning 24/7 Customer Care Team.