Introducing Promotional Pop-Ups

We’re excited to announce that Promotional Pop-Ups are now available to all current and new customers on the Business and Commerce plans. Whether you’re a small business trying to grow your email list, or an online store looking to promote a sale or new product, these customizable overlays are an easy way to target your visitors.


Tailored User Experience

When you enable this feature, your pop-up will appear the first time a visitor lands on any page. However, in addition to adjusting the pop-up frequency, you can change when your visitor sees your announcement. Set the pop-up to appear after a specific amount of time, scroll time, or set it to appear only on a specific page.

 Customizable Layouts

Pop-ups will default to center screen announcements, but you can customize their placement based on your preferences. Set them to appear as overlays in the center, in the lower right corner, or even as a promo bar that spans the bottom of the page. On mobile, all pop-ups will automatically appear at the bottom of your website to comply with Google’s new guidelines about content accessibility on mobile.  

Fully Integrated

Our Promotional Pop-Ups are built right into the Squarespace platform. They don’t require any additional plugins or code-injections. You can even customize the look and style of the overlays to fit seamlessly with the aesthetic of your website.

To access this feature, visit Settings > Marketing > Promotional Pop-Up. If you have any questions about the pop-ups or any other features, please contact our award-winning Customer Care Team.