New Template Design: Adirondack

We’d like to introduce Adirondack, the newest design available in our template collection. Check it out in the template design store.

Adirondack is a modern, clean design built with small business owners and savvy entrepreneurs in mind. Minimal navigation and full header images provide a bold framework for your company or brand. The template is characterized by scrolling effects; the header shrinks to become less obtrusive as you scroll, and the banner image fades out and moves up in relation to the distance you’ve scrolled. Navigation links can be hidden to reduce clutter, and become visible when you hover the mouse over the menu icon or the site title.

Adirondack has a number of customization options that are built into the design. Set the height of the banner image, add a drop shadow around the content area, choose to show the navigation menu or keep it hidden, set the width of the blog text, or add a background image. Adirondack also comes with a contact form or location map that can be easily accessed by clicking the icon in the upper right corner. You can customize this by clicking on the Header Dropdown option in the Style Editor.

Have any questions regarding our newest design? Send us a tweet @squarespace with your comments and questions!