While we’re pushing out changes and improvements to Squarespace 6 almost daily, we wanted to point out a few recent updates that you might find helpful:

  • Duplicate Pages – Since launch, we’ve gotten numerous requests for the ability to create copies of a page within your Squarespace site. As of today, this is now possible. You can find the Duplicate button at the bottom of the Collection Settings area (near the remove and save buttons).
  • Restore Deleted Collections  – Never worry about accidentally deleting a collection again. You can recover any deleted collections by clicking on “Restore Deleted Collections” under the Search bar in your Website Manager. 
  • Multiple Backends for Form Builder – Unlimited and Business Account Users can now save form submissions to multiple destinations at once (Mailchimp and Google Docs, for example), instead of selecting just one.
  • Github Social Icon – We've added the ability to connect your Github profile to Squarespace. Look for the Github icon under ‘Connected Accounts’.

As always, thanks for being a part of Squarespace!