Introducing Our New Brand Identity

At Squarespace, we believe in democratizing good design for the ambitious entrepreneur. In true New Yorker fashion, we are constantly challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the curve, keeping cutting edge design at the core of what we do everyday.

With this in mind, we are excited to share our new brand identity. As one of the few tech companies that was born and bred in New York, we feel inspired by the city’s bold attitude and unique aesthetics. We wanted to make sure that this part of our history was represented in our visual brand as well. Our redesigned homepage showcases our platform and how you can use it to share your own perspective with the world, whether that’s with a new business, a new blog, or a new professional portfolio. We also updated our logo and collaborated with DIA and Francois Rappo from Optimo Foundry to create Clarkson, a new custom typeface named after our HQ’s address to honor our New York City heritage.  

In launching our refreshed identity, we are hoping others will feel inspired to step outside of the box and push the creative boundaries with their own evolving brand vision. When building a brand, it’s important to try innovative new ways of representing it, especially as you grow. After all, design choices are not intended to be finite.

Looking for more design inspiration for your own website? We created a microsite that features some of the new elements of our own revamped identity. You can also check out our Instagram feed where we will be featuring fresh content that speaks to this new brand ethos. It’s time to create with purpose.