Acuity Scheduling, the online appointment scheduling platform, joins Squarespace

As Squarespace has evolved as a company, we've moved beyond helping our customers build great websites, and on to allowing them to build and run great businesses. Most recently, as part of our evolving all-in-one mission, we've added support for helping our customers sell in more ways using our commerce platform and reach their customers with beautiful communications sent from our email marketing tools.

Today, we’re excited to continue that expansion. Please join me in welcoming Acuity Scheduling, which helps small businesses offer appointment scheduling and manage their bookings online, into the Squarespace family. Since its founding in 2006, Acuity has succeeded in building a lean, profitable company in the face of strong competition — a story that aligns closely with our roots. We’ve been impressed by Acuity’s trajectory in becoming a market leader that helps schedule millions of appointments and logistics on a global scale.

Acuity is not entirely new to Squarespace — we’ve had an integration with our page building system for a number of years, which has helped us get to know one another. By joining forces, we will now be able to deeply integrate our product lines in the same way we have done with our commerce and marketing tools to enable a seamless experience for our customers. Providing a complete suite of integrated tools is a huge win for small businesses who benefit from managing their brand in one place.

If you are an active Acuity customer, nothing will change with how you currently interact with the platform. We will continue to offer Acuity as both a standalone product and as a more deeply integrated one with Squarespace.

We're excited to welcome Acuity on board and enter a new chapter in helping our customers succeed online.