Just in Time for the Holidays: Squarespace x ShipStation

The welcome spike in sales that comes with the holiday season is all too often accompanied by the challenge of fulfilling all these additional orders. The manual process of printing shipping labels is one of the biggest drains on a merchant’s already limited time. To relieve some of the burden, we are excited to announce a partnership with ShipStation, fully integrating their leading web-based shipping software to create a seamless experience that will save merchants tons of time in shipping. 


You can now sync your Squarespace orders with ShipStation and print shipping labels in batch for all major carriers. As labels are printed and orders marked as shipped in ShipStation, these same orders will automatically be marked as ‘Completed’ in Squarespace and your customers will receive an automated notification email that their order has shipped. Both the email and the order summary will include the package tracking number for following the shipment's progress. 



ShipStation also offers great integrations with fulfillment services like Shipwire and Fulfillment By Amazon. These services will pack and warehouse your products for you, and handle all your shipments and return processing. Since all ShipStation services work seamlessly with Squarespace, email notifications will be sent automatically to your customers and you can keep track of shipment progress as if you sent it yourself.   

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As we do for all partnerships, we collaborated directly with ShipStation to ensure that integration with Squarespace is seamless and fully supported. No third party add-ons are required. ShipStation is a paid service starting at $25/mo. You can learn more about it at

We hope this integration will help all of our Squarespace Commerce customers manage their time more effectively during the busy holiday season. Enjoy!