Squarespace for Musicians

Since the launch of Squarespace 6, our aim has been to provide photographers, artists, and other creative professionals a better way to present their work online. Today, we’re excited to announce more features for musicians, beginning with audio collections.

With audio collections, you can upload music directly to Squarespace and easily share your albums from your website, complete with a beautiful, integrated player and album art display. To add an audio collection, log into your website and click “Add Page” under the Content area of your site manager. Select “Album”, then upload your album art and music files by dropping them directly into the collection. Squarespace recognizes the metadata of your audio files, so information like song title and artist name will be populated automatically.

A number of our existing features are worth noting for musicians as well:

  • Commerce – With Squarespace Commerce, you can easily sell music (digital downloads) and merchandise directly from your website.
  • Events Calendar – Promote upcoming shows by adding an events page to your website. You and your fans can share those events on your social media profiles.
  • Contact Form and Mailing List – Start a mailing list for fans and stay in touch with them using our custom Form Builder. The form syncs with Google Docs and Mailchimp, as well as your email.
  • Social Media Integrations – Manage your band’s Facebook page directly from Squarespace. You can also pull in your Instagram feed and publish updates automatically to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Check out our new tour page to get an idea of what Squarespace can do for musicians, and be inspired by great customers on the platform including Chance the Rapper, Real Magic, and The Lone Bellow.

Additionally, Squarespace will be participating in a few music events this month during the week of CMJ. We’ve partnered up with The Outlaw Roadshow and The Wild Honey Pie to throw some incredible events and support great music. More details for the events can be found at and

We’re always working to make sure that anyone can create the website of their dreams, and look forward to hearing your feedback as we take a step towards making Squarespace an ideal place to host musicians of all kinds.

Main photo by Real Magic.