Since inception, Squarespace has always been about providing a flexible home for your content online. Our platform has been carefully engineered so you can quickly make changes and update your website on your own.

One of Squarespace's unique strengths is the ability to change your site's template on the fly while keeping all of your data intact. While perfecting this feature has been a challenge, we've recently made significant improvements to the template switching experience on our platform.

New features and improvements include:

  • Speed Improvements – Signing up for a new Squarespace site or installing a new template to your site is now a much faster operation.
  • Better Template Management – In your Settings menu, the redesigned Templates tab gives you access to templates you’ve previously installed, clearly displaying the template your live site is using as well as any others designs you have under development.
  • Better Demo Content After Install – When installing a new template, Squarespace now includes the original template's demo content with your install, giving you a much better idea of how your new template is supposed to look. When you’re ready to connect your content into your new template, just drag your existing pages back into your site’s navigation.
  • Separate Template Navigation – Modifying the navigation or making tweaks in a template you’re previewing will not affect your live site, allowing you to fully complete the setup of a template before switching over. Please note that content changes, such as editing a page or adding a blog post, will happen in all templates simultaneously.
  • Example Content Recovery – In the Deleted Collections area of your content manager, you can now restore example content pages that you’ve previously removed.

With these updates, we hope that your Squarespace experience will be smoother and more intuitive. As always, thank you for using Squarespace.