New Features in Squarespace Metrics

Understanding your audience is key to any website’s success. To that end, we’ve pushed a few new features to Squarespace Metrics that we think you’ll be excited to see. You can now check the Metrics app to see what percentage of your visitors are coming from mobile devices, as well as what OS and browser they’re using, all presented in handy pie charts for easy viewing.

  • Mobile Usage – This view shows you the split between visitors accessing your website from a mobile device and visitors from a desktop device. This view has also been added to the web interface for statistics.

  • OS Breakdown – This view illustrates the different operating systems used by your visitors to access your website.

  • Browser Breakdown– This view gives you access to data on which browser is most favored by your visitors.

The pie charts always show a snapshot of data from the current week, from Sunday at 12am to the current 1/4 hour. You can use this information to make sure your website is fully optimized and viewing properly for every major source of traffic.

To check these stats without a mobile device, you can always log into your Squarespace account, go to Settings, and click on Activity. The data is available under Traffic Overview and Mobile Usage.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Squarespace Metrics, you can grab it here.