New Cover Page Layouts and Enhancements

Since introducing Cover Pages at our Squarespace 7 launch last year, we’ve been impressed by the thousands of Cover Pages that customers like you have created. Today we’re thrilled to announce Cover Page updates that will provide even greater possibilities and bring more ideas to life.

Additional Layouts

We’ve released fourteen new layouts that provide a wide range of looks and experiences. Card, Flash, Gazette, and Mission can be bold landing pages or a single showcase for your business or passion. Layouts like Monocle, Silhouette, Snapshot, Vanguard, and Vignette put your personality and social media accounts front and center. Our new audio layouts Broadcast and Session make it easy to share your latest podcast episode or your next single. And with Projector, your video becomes the main attraction.

Twitter Integration

We have added two new layouts that focus on Twitter: Status and Echo. Presenting one Tweet at a time in an eye-catching, straightforward way, these layouts are robust enough to cycle through 20 Tweets. Feature your most recent Tweets or search results based on a phrase, hashtag or handle. In addition to displaying your handle, you have the option of showing your name and avatar image.

Improved Experience

We’re also proud to unveil updates to a few of our more familiar layouts. Featuring gorgeous new imagery to inspire you, each and every layout option contains curated font choices that make your content stand out. Moreover, we’ve refined each layout to look even better on mobile, and now, background colors automatically match your images, helping you captivate your audience right from the start.

Each Cover Page has tailored alignment options so you can create the most beautiful page possible.

Each Cover Page has tailored alignment options so you can create the most beautiful page possible.

More to Come

We’re excited to continue releasing new features, functionalities, and layouts for our ever-evolving Cover Pages. For more information on choosing a layout that's right for you, check out our Help article. If you have any questions, comments, or want to share your Cover Page, send us a tweet @squarespace. We look forward to seeing what you create!