It's All in the Details

Earlier this month, Squarespace debuted its first-ever Super Bowl ad to great fanfare. Today we’re proud to announce our next ad campaign: Details.

After the Super Bowl, we were thrilled to see so much positive feedback both from our customers as well as those who were just getting to know our company. The ad spot was #1 on Oracle’s Brand Tracker Index, as well as #10 in TiVo’s Top Ten Commercials during the game.

“Details” is a continuation of the themes that are present in "A Better Web Awaits". While our Super Bowl spot aimed to highlight the distinction between a Squarespace website and the clutter and spam we often see on the web, our “Details” spot focuses on the world that Squarespace helps you create – a world where all of the attention that you put into your craft can be captured in your web presence.

Check out the extended version of our 30-second TV spot below.