Logos Made Simple

When you’re starting a business, even the most basic elements of building an identity can seem daunting. We looked at one of those basics – a business logo – and took a crack at creating a tool that helps anyone design a simple logo themselves. Today, we’re excited to share the result with you. It’s called Squarespace Logo.

Squarespace Logo helps anyone create a simple logo on their own. Logos can be comprised of a few basic elements: text, a tagline, and an icon. With the help of The Noun Project and Google Fonts, we provide a huge array of icons (30,000 and growing!) and fonts that you can easily turn into a unique logo for your business. To give you an idea of how your logo will look, you can use our handy previews to see your new logo on a business card, a website, or a t-shirt. When you’re ready to download your logo, we provide white on black, black on white, and full-color images in a variety of formats.

Squarespace Logo is free to use for non-commercial purposes. Hi-res logos for commercial use are free for Squarespace customers and just $10 each for everyone else.

We’ve been having a great time internally creating logos for all sorts of ideas (our internal chat rooms are overflowing with amazing concepts). We’d love to see your creativity in action. Please post your favorite creations to Twitter with the hashtag #squarespacelogo. We’ll post some of our favorites soon!

Try Squarespace Logo for free right here.

UPDATE: We've seen a number of comments online about Squarespace Logo being positioned as a replacement for professional designers. Squarespace Logo is a basic tool for individuals and small businesses with limited resources to create a simple identity for themselves. It is not a replacement for the brand identity a professional designer can craft and deserves to be compensated for. We expect Logo, much like Squarespace itself, to drive more people to appreciate the importance of design, leading to increased demand for professional creative services. Similarly, the fees generated by Squarespace Logo are used in part to compensate the graphic designers who contribute their work to The Noun Project.