Introducing Cover Pages and Commerce

Today, we’re proud to launch two new product experiences built on our core website system, each catering to a specific set of customers: Squarespace Cover Pages and Squarespace Commerce.

Over the last decade, we’ve been amazed by the new ways our customers have found to use our platform. Now more than ever, we recognize the need to provide a tailored experience for different groups of customers, each with different goals. To that end, we’ve evolved Cover Pages and Commerce into two distinct products that exist alongside our core Website product.

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Squarespace Cover Pages

Cover Pages provide a way to build a simple yet stylish single-page website starting at the introductory price of $3/month. With a simplified version of the Squarespace 7 website builder interface and 28 different layouts to choose from, you can quickly build a striking online presence for your idea, passion, or business. Use a Cover Page to collect email addresses for a mailing list, showcase your new album, display your Tweets in a beautiful way, share directions to your event or new store location, and more.

Squarespace Commerce

Initially, we built Squarespace Commerce for customers for whom selling was a secondary goal – restaurants with gift cards, bands with merchandise, etc. While basic eCommerce capabilities will still be supported in our core Website product, we’re proud to announce a new, distinct Commerce offering that caters to the growing number of merchants on Squarespace who are focused on building robust eCommerce businesses. This launch is an important foundation for Squarespace Commerce, and we will continue to introduce key new features in the coming months.

Our new Commerce plans start at $26/month, with features that include:

  • Focused Navigation: A Commerce-specific Home Menu for your website so you can easily access your inventory, order information, and discounts.

  • New Product Grid: An improved product merchandising interface that makes it easier than ever before to arrange larger sets of products.

  • 4 New Commerce Templates: Templates designed specifically with Commerce needs in mind, with improved merchandising tools like image zoom and quick view, in addition to tightly integrated shopping carts.

  • Commerce Mobile App: The easiest way to manage your Commerce business from anywhere, now in public beta for Android and iOS.

  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery: Send email reminders to your customers who leave items in their cart without completing their purchase.

  • Real-time Carrier Rates: A new integration with UPS and FedEx that provides more accurate shipping estimates.

  • Commerce Metrics (Coming Soon): In the coming weeks, we will release brand new Commerce metrics that help sellers better understand their sales and customers.

Please note that these new product plans will not affect any active websites. Customers who wish to switch their existing websites to a Cover Page or Commerce Store can do so directly from the website manager.

We’re confident that this new approach can help us provide a Squarespace experience that’s better suited to your needs. For more information about choosing the right product and plan, go to or check out our Help article. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team.