Improving Squarespace Analytics

We know how important it is for you to understand how many people are visiting your website and how they find you. Today, we’re switching over to a new version of Squarespace Analytics, based around a completely new architecture. This architecture will not only improve the accuracy of our existing analytics, but pave the way for us to provide a truly unified view of what is happening on your site.

The new Squarespace Analytics platform uses a method similar to Google Analytics, recording data from the browser using Javascript. This method provides a much better filter for non-human traffic from bots and crawlers. In addition to more accurate Page Views and Audience Size (Unique Visitors) figures, the new platform introduces Visits, which offers another perspective on your traffic that is modeled after user browsing sessions. For those of you using Google Analytics alongside your Squarespace Analytics, you’ll notice that the numbers are much more in agreement.

Please note that we began tracking using our new platform on September 5, 2013. You may see some dips in numbers as you compare the older data to the new, as certain metrics were not tracked before this date. These dips are mostly a result of filtering out robot traffic that was previously included in our logs.

Squarespace Analytics will be live for many customers today. We will continue rolling it out to the entire customer base over the coming weeks. For more information, please visit the Squarespace Analytics FAQ. Thank you for being a Squarespace customer – we look forward to hearing your feedback.