Holiday Gift Guide: Celebrating Squarespace Online Stores

Presenting our Holiday Gift Guide, a curated collection of products from select Squarespace Online Stores. In addition to helping you find a great gift, our guide celebrates the variety of artisans and craftspeople who use Squarespace to build and grow their businesses.

We’ve highlighted four stores from the guide below: Learn what drew them to Squarespace, what template they use, their favorite feature, and more. You might discover features to power your own business, whether you’re looking to launch a Squarespace Online Store or have been running one for years.


Billy Wolf’s classic, durable dogwear is founded on the premise of three key ideas: love, quality, and respect.

Template: Adirondack

What drew them to Squarespace: “The layout of the templates and the user-friendly interface.”

Favorite feature:Customers. It’s such a useful tool!”

What they love about the holidays: “The holiday buzz and all the excitement it brings! Billy Wolf is best known for winter coats, so everyone starts to stock up once fall hits. It’s also a great time for our repeat customers to gift to new customers. We offer promotions on our website, and engage with customers via social media as they post their family portraits with their pups dressed in Billy Wolf.”


Bower takes a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary furniture and product design.

Template: Montauk

What drew them to Squarespace: “After hearing some buzz about Squarespace, we decided to give it a trial run. We were very happy and relieved by the results. We loved how clean and professional our website looked, how it performed, and how quick and easy it was to create. And we loved that we didn’t have to hire a designer or programmer!”

Favorite feature:Seamless scaling with any window size or device.”

What they love about the holidays: “There’s something nice about a time of year when so many people slow down to spend time with friends and family.”


Lark+Raven create products—from greeting cards to pillows—that gleefully toe the line between cheeky and cute.

Template: Supply

What drew them to Squarespace: “It’s easy to use and has excellent customer service. The number of attractive options for templates really appealed to me. The fact that I didn’t need to use code to differentiate the look of my site from other shops out there was a huge plus.”

Favorite feature: Slideshow Gallery Block.”

What they love about the holidays: “Wrapping presents! If it isn’t obvious from the collection of gift wrap I have created for my shop, I really love patterned paper.”


Petite Soul’s premium baby bonnets and bandits are manufactured and designed locally.

Template: Adirondack

What drew them to Squarespace: “We love Squarespace because it offers elegant website design which complements Petite Soul’s aesthetic. Being website design novices, we appreciate the ease and affordability of the platform. As a two-woman crew, Squarespace allows us to compete at the same level as companies that have larger resources for website development.”

Favorite feature: Squarespace Analytics is great because it helps us measure sales and consumer data. Our other favorite feature, Inventory, is under the Commerce tab. When we began our business, we had no true data to reference. Now we’re able to use the Inventory function to better forecast our next restock. For a small business, this is invaluable because it prevents us from over or under ordering, and it also helps us to understand consumer wants and needs.”

What they love about the holidays: “As mothers, there is something so special about passing down traditions and showing our children all the wonders of the holiday season.”

Thank you to all our Online Store customers—and to the entire Squarespace community—for a wonderful year. Happy holidays!

Shop from these Online Store customers and discover more in the Squarespace Holiday Gift Guide. You can learn about creating your own Online Store here. And if you have questions, contact our award-winning Customer Care Team