SEO Improvements: Google Author Rank

Anyone who publishes content on the web cares about that content being discovered, and it is the job of a good content management system to ensure that your content is effortlessly tracked and ranked by search engines using modern SEO techniques.

Every Squarespace website is optimized for search engines out of the box, without the need for any additional plugins (see this Squarespace Answers Post for some specifics). Today, we're reinforcing our built-in SEO offering by announcing a simple but important change to our member profiles: Google Author Rank support.

As you may already be aware, Google is now using Google+ as a major factor in how search results are ranked. With Author Rank, Google is verifying individual writers through Google+; once you connect your website with your Google+ account, search results will show your headline and byline next to the result for your content.  This helps you cross-reference your content across multiple channels on the web under a central identity.

To link your Google+ Profile with your Squarespace Member Account, enter your Google+ Profile URL in your member account settings by clicking on your account from Contributors in your site manager, and then verify that link from your Google+ Profile.

Happy writing!