A Complete iOS App Overhaul

We’re excited to announce two brand new iOS apps for Squarespace customers – Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Metrics – as well as iOS 7 updates for Note and Portfolio.

As Squarespace's functionality continues to expand, we’ve focused on creating an entire suite of applications around Squarespace’s core product. This lets us focus each app on specific functionality, providing a clear, targeted interface that helps you accomplish exactly what you need to do on the go.

Available on the App Store today:

  • Squarespace Blog (New) – Squarespace Blog for iPhone and iPad lets you easily draft, post, schedule, and review posts, as well as monitor and manage comments on your blog. Squarespace Blog is fully integrated with LayoutEngine, allowing you to easily format text or Markdown, tap-and-drag images within your post, and modify detailed post settings on the go.

  • Squarespace Metrics (New) – Squarespace Metrics for iPhone is the fluid way to monitor website analytics that you care about. In addition to KPIs like page views and unique visitors, projections and charts for your websites are at your fingertips. You can also track social followers from connected accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Squarespace Portfolio (Updated) – Squarespace Portfolio for iPhone and iPad has been rebuilt for iOS 7. Featuring a more refined visual style, you can now play videos from your galleries over any internet connection.

  • Squarespace Note (Updated) – Squarespace Note for iPhone — our clean, minimalist note-taking app — has also been upgraded for iOS 7.

While every one of our apps are free, Squarespace Blog, Metrics, and Portfolio require a Squarespace 6 account (Squarespace Note does not). Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on updating Metrics to include support for Squarespace 5 customers.

We are equally committed to our Android customers, and are building versions of these apps from the ground up to take advantage of Android's unique capabilities. Stay tuned for further announcements right here.

Please share any comments or questions regarding the new apps on Facebook and Twitter. We’re excited to put these apps in your hands and would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy.