3 New Small Business Templates from G Suite x Squarespace

In 2014, we launched an integration with G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work). This let our customers combine professional email and a set of secure, cloud-based productivity apps with a beautiful website and a custom domain. Since then, hundreds of thousands of G Suite x Squarespace customers have grown their ideas into thriving businesses.

We teamed up with Google to highlight three of these customers: Girlboss, Kombucha Dog, and LocoL. We wanted to share their stories and offer even more ways to make your business look professional online. So, we collaborated with them to create three new templates: Rally, Foster, and Feed.


Rally is balanced, yet alluring. It streamlines heavy amounts of text and images by letting you stitch content collections with full-bleed banner images. Immersive scrolling effects engage your customers while the search bar and multiple navigation areas offer convenient browsing.


Clean and minimal, Foster proves that you can you can look professional even if you don’t have a lot of visual content. The flexible layout lets you create a homepage that pulls visitors into other areas of your site, like your online store or About page.


Whether you have a few images or a lot, Feed is a dynamic template that can add momentum to your business. Its long, scrolling homepage draws visitors into your site, while background videos, 3D image effects, and diverse layouts capture and inspire them.


While you can incorporate an online store into any of our templates, Rally, Foster, and Feed offer advanced eCommerce options like Quick View and Image Zoom. They also feature flexible mobile styles, so you can have more control over how your site appears on smartphones and tablets.


When it comes to creating a professional online presence, you need to be official to look official. G Suite can be used with any template, so no matter which design you prefer, you can get business email and secure cloud-based productivity tools with your custom domain and beautiful website from Squarespace. Customers who sign up for our Business or Commerce plans will receive one free G Suite account for the first year. Discover more about the world of G Suite x Squarespace here.

You can also explore our new templates here and learn more about each by searching template names on our Help site. If you have questions, contact our award-winning 24/7 Customer Care Team.