I had a discussion with Anthony last week that brought up some very good points about the current state of blogging and the Internet. Blogs have been a great addition to the Internet, but we seem to be getting a case of tunnel vision. Blogging and blogging alone is not the end-all-be-all that many seem to make it out to be.


The important piece that came out of blogging is that everyone can have a website. Programmers and designers are offering tools that the average person can use to create a personal site with no HTML knowledge at all. This idea of simple web publishing is a great lesson we have learned and one that needs to be taken a step further. If blogs can be created for easy access and editing, then why can’t every site be this user friendly? Not everyone’s ideal website that has one main page set up in journal entry style, but many people who need more than this are forced to make due with the blog template or tackle more complicated programming. Why aren’t all website creation options as easy as setting up as a blog?


And that’s just it. It can be integrated and it can be easy. What it takes is for the blogosphere to look around and realize that there’s a big Internet out there that doesn’t revolve around Technorati. When will it be time to take the blinders off and realize that blogs and websites are not two different and competing web set-up options? Both blogs and static pages are important to a healthy website and both can be incorporated in an easy-to-use web design platform.