2 New Interactive Portfolio Templates

Squarespace is known for its beautifully designed, highly visual templates—but there’s more than one way to make a website engaging. So we created two new templates that not only showcase your portfolio, they interact with your visitors, encouraging them to stay on your site longer.

Carson and Henson shake up traditional navigation styles. The index lets you create an intuitive and visually interactive menu with hover-activated page previews. These templates also have unique page overlays that you can customize with a color, transparency setting, fade effect, and more. Multiple gallery layouts tell your visual story in seconds. When you scroll to the bottom of any page within an index, the menu is revealed, keeping visitors engaged with your content.


Photographers | Artists
With immersive, full-screen image displays and a minimized header, Carson boldly puts your work front and center. The panoramic gallery layout adjusts itself to your image dimensions for a dynamic tapestry. And hover- or tap-activated caption overlays let your visuals speak first.



Designers | Art Directors
Henson’s minimal design and large intro statement help you make an unconventional portfolio. A consolidated navigation makes it easy for visitors to find all your information in one area. The spacious, stacked gallery layout includes captions, so you can express the full scope of your work.

Stay tuned as we release more products and features. Explore the rest of our portfolio templates here and learn more about each by searching template names on our Help site. And if you have any questions, our award-winning Customer Care Team is here to help 24/7.