The post-hurricane situation in many parts of New York and New Jersey is still dire. Large areas have been without power for 4-5 days and are running out of food, gas, and clean water. Medications are in short supply, elderly are trapped in apartment buildings, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. ‘Getting back to normal’ is not going to be as simple as pumping out flood waters and restoring electricity.

Even though Squarespace has been dealing with our own fair share of complications, we are well aware that the risks to our business pale in comparison to the human suffering and property damage that is being experienced throughout the tri-state area. Our New York office is still without power, but we’re safe and sound, with most of our employees working remotely from home.

We noticed a lot of goodwill and kind offers for food and donations in response to our efforts to keep our services up and running these last few days. The best way to say thank you to us is to help our fellow New Yorkers and New Jerseyans. With that in mind, here are some helpful links for donating money and volunteering locally to help those in need.

Please stay safe out there, and we all thank you for your ongoing support.