Squarespace Metrics for iPad

Since we launched Squarespace Metrics for the iPhone in November, it has become the go-to mobile app for our customers who like to keep a close eye on their website analytics. With its fluid design and powerful inspection tools, Squarespace Metrics provides valuable insight into your data through key performance indicators, interactive charts, and dynamic views – all with a beautiful interface you can truly enjoy. Starting today, we’re pleased to offer Metrics for the iPad as a universal download.

With a beautiful new interface that was handcrafted for the iPad, Metrics functions as a powerful mobile dashboard to all of your critical website performance data. Here at the office, we’ve been using it to display data about A few notable highlights:

  • Auto-play: A new feature that automatically scrolls through each page of your data, and allows you to monitor all of your website analytics hands-free. All data is automatically refreshed, making the app a great dashboard to showcase your website performance.

  • Multi-column Layouts: This layout option allows you to visualize all of your key performance metrics at once, and order them in a way that makes the most sense to you. 

  • Multiple View Options: Sparklines, pie charts, and lists all display seamlessly on your tiles to give you insight into each dimension of your website data. Natural, smooth animations guide you as you select each tile for expanded, detailed information.

Squarespace Metrics is a free download from the Apple App Store and requires a Squarespace 6 account.  

We're always looking forward to your feedback – please share any comments or questions regarding Squarespace Metrics on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!