Squarespace for Restaurants

Squarespace was created to serve many different kinds of customers and help them create beautiful web presences. One great example is how Squarespace can be used for restaurants, bars, and cafes. Check out our new landing experience for restaurants to get an idea of what Squarespace can do for you, and be inspired by great customers on the platform including AlderLuke’s Lobster and Quills Coffee.

Today, we’re also excited to announce the following new features specifically for restaurants on our platform:

  • Menu Block – Whether you want to create a new menu or change it on a daily basis, it’s all extremely easy to manage with our Menu Block. Copy and paste your menu and the Menu Block automatically formats the text so it looks great. For instructions on how to use the Menu Block, please refer to this article.
Squarespace Menu Block Example

Squarespace Menu Block Example

  • OpenTable Block –  If your restaurant offers reservations via OpenTable, you can easily sync your account and add an OpenTable block to any page so that visitors can make reservations directly on your website. The look and feel of the block can be customized to blend into your site design. For instructions on how to use the OpenTable Block, please refer to this article.

Squarespace OpenTable Block Example

Squarespace OpenTable Block Example

A number of other existing features make Squarespace the perfect fit for restaurant websites:

  • Mobile-Ready Designs – According to OpenTable, 36% of all reservations in Q1 2013 in North America were made on mobile devices. Squarespace restaurant websites render beautifully on any device, so potential guests can quickly browse your menu and book a table.
  • Contact & Location – It’s vital for your website visitors to find the location, hours, and phone number of your establishment. Easily add a Google Map of your location by creating a Map Block for your website. Designs such as Aviator and Montauk have the address and phone numbers built into the header, so that you can easily add them in Website Settings.
  • Image Galleries – A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to whetting the appetite. Squarespace is well suited to show off stunning, high-resolution images of your restaurant and food. Simply drag and drop your images and choose from multiple presentation options including full-screen, slideshows, lightbox, and more.
  • Commerce – With Squarespace Commerce already built into your website, you are ready to sell anything from t-shirts to gift certificates in minutes.
  • Events Calendar – Promote events and other happenings at your restaurant by adding a events page to your website. You can share those events on your social media profiles, and have your customers share them too.
  • Contact Form and Mailing List – Collect customer information for mailing lists, private dining needs, or special events using our custom Form Builder. The form syncs with Google Docs, Mailchimp, and your email so you can manage your customer data efficiently.
  • Social Media Integrations – Manage your Facebook page directly from Squarespace. Pull in your Instagram feed and publish updates automatically to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. It’s all easy with Squarespace’s many social media integrations.
  • Custom Code – Use the Code Block or use the Code Injection feature in Settings to easily integrate other services such as Locu, ChowNow, and Yelp, into your website.

Are you using Squarespace for your restaurant? We’d love to see your website – send us a tweet @squarespace.

Main photo by Alder.