Squarespace for Android, Now in Beta

Today, we’re thrilled to open the public beta for two new Squarespace apps for Android: Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Note. Our Mobile team built these apps from the ground up, and they represent a major new step for us on the Android platform.

We’ve always been committed to providing a rich mobile experience to our customers who use Android devices. We would love to hear your thoughts as these apps make their way into production.

Each app has a separate Google+ Community page, linked below. To begin, please join the Community by clicking on the red "Ask to Join" button on the Community page for each app you'd like to test:

Please refer to the Community page for detailed instructions on how to install the beta releases.  If you have any issues getting started in the beta program, please contact our Customer Care team.

To send us feedback about your experience, please use the "Leave Feedback" option in the apps.  Alternatively, you can visit the feedback form for the app located here.  If you have a quick comment or would like to upload screenshots, please use the Google+ Community page.

While the final release will cover a broader range of platforms, please note that the beta program is optimized for devices running Android Jellybean (v4.2+) or higher. Please ensure that you log into the same Google account in Google Chrome and Google Play you used when joining the Community. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!