Squarespace Commerce: Now Supporting Canada

We’re thrilled to announce that Squarespace Commerce is now open for use in Canada!

If you’re based in Canada and are looking to sell digital or physical goods on Squarespace, you’re in luck. Simply connect your Canadian Stripe account to Squarespace today and start processing transactions in Canadian dollars.

Along with this release, there are 3 specific improvements to the commerce platform:

  • Canadian Currency Support - The currency displayed throughout your Squarespace store will reflect the currency set in your Stripe account currency (which you select upon sign-up, and cannot be changed). All prices are quoted in CAD for Canadian stores on Squarespace.
  • Tax System Improvements - You can now define taxes internationally and locally, down to the zip code level. As before, you can choose to add tax on products as well as shipping. Easily add more fine-grained shipping rules by jurisdiction, and define local rules by a single postal code or a range of postal codes.
  • Metric System Support - In Store Settings, you may now choose between Imperial and Metric standards to define product weights and weight-based shipping options.

For more information on the Squarespace Commerce platform, check out this postAs always, thank you for being a Squarespace customer!