Squarespace at the Super Bowl

From our first Google AdWord back in 2004, to our first podcast in 2009, all the way up to our recent television and outdoor campaigns, advertising has been instrumental in bringing Squarespace’s vision to a wider audience. Today, we’re excited to share another major milestone: our first Super Bowl ad.

More than ever, a Super Bowl ad is an iconic way for a brand to make a statement. Many viewers watch the game for the ads alone, and the spots that run can make a lasting impression on the public's perception of a brand. 

Our ad, A Better Web Awaits, strikes a contrast between two very different visions of the web. All too often, the Internet we experience today is a sea of clutter and spam – dubious discounts, mortgage offers, and weight loss tips abound. As a company, we’ve always fought to keep our product, and our customers’ websites, imbued with a respect for simple and beautiful design. We believe strongly in these values. We believe that a better web starts with your website.

Over on YouTube’s Ad Blitz, you can check out our 30-second spot ahead of the big game. We’ll also be releasing an extended version following the Super Bowl featuring some great material that didn’t make it into the 30-second TV spot.

Enjoy, and see you all on Sunday!