New Features: The Mobile Information Bar and Announcement Bar

Squarespace can be used for just about any type of website, but more than half of our customers use our services to build a website for their small businesses. With this in mind, we’re excited to announce two new features: the Mobile Information Bar and the Announcement Bar.


When the Mobile Information Bar is enabled, visitors accessing your site from mobile devices will see a simple shortcut bar that helps them quickly find your most important business information: your address, email, phone number, and business hours.

The Announcement Bar can be used by site owners to announce major news on your site. The Announcement Bar has a range of potential use cases: everything from highlighting a major promotion in your store to announcing a major business deal. When enabled, the Announcement Bar shows up at the top of your website.

Both new features can be enabled via the Overlay Settings menu in your Settings area. We hope you’ll find these features useful. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions by sending us a tweet @squarespace!