We’re constantly working to bring new features and improvements to Squarespace. We wanted to take a second to point out a few recent updates that we think you’ll like:

  • New Account Switcher – For users who manage or contribute to multiple Squarespace websites, we’ve made it simple to navigate between sites. Click on the Squarespace logo on the bottom left corner in your Website Manager. You can also start a new website directly from this menu, or remove inactive websites.
  • Form Builder Lightbox – You can now choose to open your contact form in a lightbox, rather than embedding it in the page. This means that very long or complex forms can appear to your visitors as a simple button, reducing clutter. From the settings menu of your Form Block, click on “Advanced”, then select “Enable Lightbox Mode.”
  • RSS Block – Make it easy for visitors to add your feed to their newsreader. Adding an RSS block creates a subscribe button that you can add anywhere on your Squarespace website.

As always, send us your questions and comments @squarespace via Twitter. Thanks for being a part of Squarespace!