Introducing RSS Subscriber Statistics

Not long ago, we announced a brand new Squarespace Analytics platform that improved the accuracy of our statistics and provided deeper insights into understanding your audience. Today, we’re adding RSS statistics to the platform – a feature that’s been requested many times by our customers.

We’ve worked hard to create an accurate view of your RSS subscribers, where you can see daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. You can view subscribers — people that have recently accessed your RSS feed — for every feed on your website.

We provide further context about your audience with a breakdown of where your subscribers are coming from. People who manually add your feed to an RSS reader will be classified as 'Individuals'; people who use popular feed clients such as Feedly or Google Feedfetcher will be labeled as such.

You can view this new 'Subscribers' data within the 'Activity' area of your website, and also on the Squarespace Metrics app. Enjoy.

Main photo adapted from Vin Crosbie.