It’s been nearly six months since we launched Squarespace Commerce, and we’ve seen some great stores on the platform selling everything from handcrafted children’s toys to one-of-a-kind speakers. Today, we’re excited to announce four new features for the Commerce platform:

  • Donations – Accept donations of pre-set or unbounded amounts via our new Donations Block. Donations are managed on a separate page from regular orders and purchases in your site manager. During donation checkout, you can also collect custom information from your patrons via integration with our Form Block (see below).

  • Form Block/Product Integrations – Create complex forms using our form builder and link them to any product type, which opens up a world of new checkout possibilities. This feature comes in especially handy if you need detailed information from the customer for a bespoke product or an event registration. You can create a form once and easily reuse it for multiple products.

  • Service Product Type – In addition to physical and digital products, we’ve added a new product type: service. Service products operate like digital products except there is no file delivery. Further, you can now customize the “Add to Cart” button so that it has the correct language for your products or services.

  • Post-Checkout Code Injection – We've added the ability to inject code in post-checkout, so that you can track customer activity using a marketing pixel or include an affiliate program tracking script.

Check out this post for more information on the Squarespace Commerce platform. If you have any specific questions regarding the new features, ask away at or send us a tweet @squarespace!

As always, thank you for being a Squarespace customer.