Squarespace x Seth Godin: The Icarus Deception

The commonly understood moral of the story of Icarus is to play it safe, to obey authority. Don't fly too close to the sun. In world-renowned marketer Seth Godin's new book, The Icarus Deception, he makes the case for forging your own path, pushing beyond what is expected, and connecting with other humans by making your art–whatever it may be.

At Squarespace, we value creative thinking in everything we do, and strive to serve the creative community with powerful tools at fair prices. Our platform has been designed to enable publishers, designers, illustrators, foodies, fashion designers, musicians, and scientists to create a beautiful and easy way to share what they do with the world around them.

We connected with Seth Godin when he was beginning to build his social platform on Squarespace 6. When we discovered the goal behind the project, we knew we had to support it.

In addition to co-producing a film to help tell his story, we've also helped develop a new template based on the design and functionality of The larger Squarespace community will be able to use the Icarus template to share their own ideas and creations later in 2013.

We hope that this project helps inspire you to make something and share it with the world.