[Note: This is not an interpretation of the law and does not constitute legal advice.]

What is the European Cookie Legislation?

Recent changes in European Legislation (EU Privacy Law) requires websites operated within the EU to ask visitors for permission to use certain types of cookies during their visit. If you have a website in the EU, this means you must ask your visitors for consent before you can drop any cookies on their browser which could be used for tracking purposes. This legislation does not prohibit the use of cookies so long as consent is obtained. Further, website operators may continue to use all cookies which are required for normal operation of the website or service.

Is this just for businesses?

No. Anyone who is based in the EU and operates a website for personal or business purposes in the EU is required to comply.

Do I need to do something?

If you operate a website in the EU, you must comply with the legislation by 5/26/12.

I am not based in the EU.  Do I need to do anything?

If you are not based in the EU, you can safely ignore this legislation.

Where can I get information on this legislation?

We have found this guide to be a very useful resource. In addition, we recommend you speak to your legal advisor if you need a qualified legal opinion.

How can I comply?

If your website is operated from within in the EU, you must update your website so that it obtains consent before making use of tracking cookies. Squarespace websites drop a single tracking cookie called "ss_lastvisit" to allow our statistics module to determine if a website visitor is unique. To get your visitors consent for this feature, simple add the following line to your header injection point:

<script type="text/javascript"> Static.EU_COOKIE_POLICY = "top-left"; </script>

For more information about this solution visit our knowledge base article

If you have enabled any other third-party services that make use of cookies, you should contact them to determine the best way to comply with this legislation.