A Place for Etsy Sellers to Grow Their Brand

We love Etsy. It’s a fantastic marketplace for artists, creators, and collectors. Since introducing Squarespace Commerce, we found that many independent creators using Etsy have also opened their own website on Squarespace.

Here are some great examples of Squarespace customers who run their websites alongside their Etsy stores:

Tokyo Factory (on Etsy)

Our customers love the vibrant Etsy community, but also want more flexibility to build their growing brand: to have more control over image galleries and store merchandising, automatically sign up customers to newsletters, and customize the look and feel of their stores. By popular request, we built an easy to use Etsy importer for Squarespace, making it a breeze to recreate your Etsy products in Squarespace and start selling on your own website in minutes.

To import your products from Etsy, download your listings information from your Etsy account. Select Import/Export from the Settings Area of your Squarespace account.  Click on “Import Site” and select Etsy from the options. You can upload your CSV file, which will then import your products into a single product page. Please note that this is a one-time importer, not a sync for the two services to work concurrently.

Have another commerce-related feature or integration you’d like to see on the Squarespace platform? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a tweet @squarespace!