Browse through the templates in your Style Editor and you'll find our newest offering: Blueprint.

Blueprint was designed by Senior Designer Stephen Parker to be a new starting point for a modern website. To get there, Stephen explored color schemes, proportions, and shapes and forms of text. For an extra-polished look, Blueprint boasts some subtle-but-cutting-edge improvements like CSS transitions and image-width calculations to make the experience seamless for customers. 

Blueprint has five unique styles to make sure there is something for everyone. It's also the first template to come with equal column height for both main content and sidebars, so your columns will always align at the bottom. "Templates in the future will benefit from the work done in Blueprint," Stephen says. "And there's a lot of incredible new design on the way."

Since it was created to be a new starting point, Blueprint is now our default template for new customers, a crucial component in our freshly redesigned onboarding experience. This new experience includes a helpful tutorial of our editing modes that gets new customers started on their sites quickly. Current customers have the full benefit of the new tutorial too — just click on the Help icon in your menu bar while logged in to see the updated Help features.

To try Blueprint on for size, just follow this guide to switching templates. We hope you enjoy!