Hot on the heels of our Android release, Squarespace for iPhone v1.2 is available for download. The most important thing we tackled in this update is vastly improved stability. We've rebuilt the app on an entirely new framework. Those pesky crashes? Gone. While we were at it, we added a number of features, including a few notable items:

  • Markup Editor: A new markup editor to the post creator gives you greater control over your content. Now you can choose the editing mode (Text, HTML, Textile, and Markdown) for posts on an individual basis while composing your drafts.
  • Updated UI: The user interface has been fine-tuned, including new images, icons, and animations throughout the app. 
  • Sounds: We added sounds as you navigate, enhancing the overall experience. You can turn the sounds on (they're off by default) in the Accounts settings within the app.

You can download the update from the iTunes App Store now. As always, if you have any questions regarding the app just let our support team know.