Erin Wolczik's delectable site blipped across our radar just days before she gave birth to her son, and somehow she still managed to find time to answer a few of our questions. In talking to her, it quickly became obvious that she's the type to tackle all kinds of interesting challenges. Her food and photography blog, fresh365, does just that, combining several of her loves into an elegant site.

A print designer by training, Erin was constantly at her computer looking for inspiration -- and also a way to organize all of her recipes. Add a passion for photography to her design and gustatory interests, and starting a food blog was the perfect way for her to get all of her hobbies into one format.

Since the food blogging world is known to be incredibly active but also one of high standards, Erin admits she has set her own bar rather high for what goes on her blog. Most important to her is making sure the recipes work and the photography keeps the food enticing. "This has been great for cataloging the recipes with images, which is so important to me as a visual person." She definitely gets the job done, as her photography makes every recipe look utterly delicious.

In a nutshell, what's your background and how did you get to where you are?

I graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2002, and have worked mainly in print since then, with a focus in the stationery industry for the past 6 years. Over the past 4 years I have become very interested in photography as well. Cooking has become a hobby of mine, as I love to be creative and play around with ingredients.

Are you and your family all vegetarian? What are some of the bigger challenges about that kind of cooking?

I became a vegetarian a few years ago, so all my recipes are vegetarian. While I am constantly playing with ingredients, my husband (and the rest of my family and friends) are not vegetarian, so I like to come up with dishes that will satisfy everyone. That is often a challenge -- but a tasty one!

Savory or sweet?

Both! But if I had to choose sides, I am more of a salt person.

What are your favorite inspiration sources?

Ooh everything! While I am inspired by many, many blogs and magazines I also find inspiration in day-to-day life. The changing seasons and the simplicity of a fresh ingredient are such great inspiration in my kitchen.

Why does Squarespace work for you? What's your favorite feature?

I have been using Squarespace for a year and half, after I followed a link from a blog I read (of course I can't remember which one now...). Squarespace was the perfect fit for me as I wanted total control over the look, but without the hassle of coding. Overall I love the interface, especially being able to see comments, traffic stats, etc., in such an organized space.

What's next for you (besides having a baby...)?

I have joined a CSA for the past four years, in which I receive a weekly harvest of fresh produce from a local farm. Which makes summer my favorite time of year. It is like someone is going shopping for me each week-- such a fun surprise! So, I am hoping to get back in the kitchen very soon and share some simple recipes. I am also looking to devote more time to photography in the coming months, as well.