Over the next few weeks, Squarespace will begin inviting early testers to experience the next version of the Squarespace platform, Version 6. This project is the culmination of eight years of learning about user interface, content management, scalability, front-end engineering, and, most importantly, the ambitions and needs of our customers.  

Squarespace V6 is a reinvention of many core Squarespace concepts that will become the foundation for our company over the years to come.  It allows the extremely talented folks who work on Squarespace to create the sorts of sites they've always dreamed of creating on Squarespace.  It incorporates a totally redesigned consumer editing experience, backend site manager, and template system.

What does this mean for consumers?

For consumers who are just interested in editing content with no coding, Squarespace V6 will be much easier to use versus the current experience.  Sophisticated gallery and portfolio templates, better support for larger and more complex sites, robust community features, and simplified, yet powerful, administrative and content management functions are all included.

Images speak much louder than words — so we’ll be posting captures of our interface over the coming months to give you a tour of the new system.

What does this mean for developers?

Behind the scenes, Squarespace’s core has been rewritten so our staff developers – now with full control over HTML and the use of greatly expanded widget functionality and types -- can deliver the templates which will power tomorrow’s web. While our initial release will focus on technologies for consumers, our new template SDK will be released later this year, after we perfect the underlying technologies and methods.  

Developers will be able to create sophisticated sites with many display options, have full control over HTML and scripts, all while having full access to Squarespace's widget and data frameworks.  Squarespace V6 will allow for very custom sites that remain highly usable for end users.

When will Squarespace V6 be released?

Beta testing will begin in the coming weeks with a small pool of testers, which we will expand as the summer progresses. Like all Squarespace releases, we reserve the right to delay the release until we think it is right. We’d like to have it done yesterday, but creating something of quality takes time. With our talented and expanding team, we are able to deliver to you products of a level that Squarespace hasn’t been able to previously achieve. This is a big one for us, and we appreciate your patience.

What if I’m an existing Squarespace customer?

You are first and foremost in our minds. We guarantee three things:

  1. Your publishing workflow, design, and content will be uninterrupted while Squarespace V6 is released. 
  2. This is not a forced upgrade — you will be able to test Squarespace V6 without switching over to it by moving your content to the new platform in a structured way while continuing to run your current site as is. 
  3. If you are a current customer, you will receive preferred pricing when V6 is released.  We are making it a priority to ensure user content is easily portable to V6.

Can I see it?

Yes.  Below are some shots of some new templates and the new manager interface. We obviously can't give everything away right now, but stay tuned and we'll dive into some of what's to come.


How will I be notified when testing begins?

Simply fill out this form and you'll be added to our beta invite list.