New York City's growing collection of tech startups is as talented, diverse and energetic as the city we call home. Increasingly, the nation's top engineering talent is turning here first -- a testament to the strength of our city's tech ecosystem. The NYC Turing Fellows Program was created to strengthen that foundation. NYC Turing Fellowships are awarded annually to top computer science, engineering, and mathematics students for paid summer internships with leading NYC startups.

“New York City continues to grow as a center for innovation and the NYC Turing Fellows Program will build on that momentum by attracting some of the country’s top engineering and computer science students to local startups.” -Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Squarespace is proud to participate in the program, alongside many of New York's most talked about tech companies, including Etsy, Tumblr,, and Foursquare, to name just a few. As the NYC tech scene continues to grow, so do all of our needs to acquire exceptional engineering talent. We're flattered that among this year's semi-finalists, Squarespace was among the most requested internships.

Of course, that left Squarespace founder and CEO, Anthony Casalena, and director of engineering, Paolo de Dios, the difficult task of selecting from over a dozen well-qualified candidates. Soon-to-be Stanford graduate Diógenes Brito will be joining us this summer as Squarespace's first Turing Fellow intern. "I'm excited to work in the Squarespace office -- it looks really cool. What I'm most looking forward to, though, is working with a team of designers and developers that take user experience as seriously as I do," said Diógenes.