They say that work life and home life should be kept separate, but for Susan and William Brinson work is all about what goes on at home. Susan is an art director and designer into all things crafty: sewing, paper crafts, letterpress printing. William is a still life and food photographer, who is always thinking about the next meal. Together they run House of Brinson, which merges both of their talents into one beautiful blog.

Susan describes this joint venture as having been a natural evolution: "Our relationship as husband and wife, and photographer and art director team, has always been there, however the blog is a visual manifestation of our collaboration." The end result is a mixture of elegance and simplicity, comfort foods and new discoveries. 

But mostly the blog is just about what Susan and William are interested in at the moment, and that's what keeps it fun and interesting. It's also a great excuse for them to keep doing what they already enjoy: "We love entertaining and having people over just to hang out." You can bet that the beautifully decorated tables topped with delicious recipes get thoroughly test-marketed on their guests. After perusing their blog, it seems like an invitation to the House of Brinson would be a real treat.

Where do you find your design inspirations, especially in and around New York City? 

The number one place for me right now is the grocery store. We will often browse the grocery store for in-season produce that inspires us in some way. In the warmer weather, we move to the farmers market. I also like to go antique shopping, and am in constant awe of the different types of objects that were considered average and yet were beautifully designed.

What have been some of your favorite discoveries over the years?

I am always into something new. Canning would have to be my favorite discovery. I am amazed what you can do if you put your mind to it and try something outside of your comfort zone. 

I love that your new obsession is canning. What's the best tip you'd have for a novice canner?

Clean the rim of the jar before sealing and processing! If you put a lid on a sticky or food covered surface it will not seal, then you have to start all over again. I learned the hard way! 

There's a world of wonderful design on the web, which is somewhat overwhelming. What are some of your favorite sites?

The list is long! But here is a short list: Design Sponge, The Scout, and Kanye West.

How long have you been using Squarespace? 

About 6 months. Before we started our blog I was on Twitter and asked what everyone used. A fellow blogger suggested Squarespace, so I checked it out. 

Why does Squarespace work for you? 

Squarespace was a perfect fit for us because we wanted a low initial investment and I could adjust a template to make it look the way I wanted. We avoided paying a developer to code our blog. Because I have a design background I knew what I wanted our blog to 'look' like, and Squarespace allowed me to make visual changes without having to know how to code. 

What's your favorite feature?

The iPhone app all the way. I can maintain our blog and check stats on the go. It makes monitoring comments a breeze.

What's next for you?

We are going to focus on collaborations with the blog. We love to share lifestyle tips from cooking to design tips. We would like to invite fellow bloggers and friends to share their experiences.