As Squarespace has grown over the years, our commitment to providing top-notch customer support has always been our top priority. Despite opportunities to save a buck, we've focused on building a support team full of Squarespace power-users, each of whom know our platform inside out and upside down.

Today we begin a steady stream of support improvements as we start to roll out our brand new

Help & Support Center

. Our goal here is simple: to make finding answers to your Squarespace-related questions even easier.

In our first round of changes, visible today,

we've replaced our existing Manual and FAQ pages.

When you visit the new

Help & Support Center

, you’ll find all of the tools that you've come to rely on - our Getting Started guide, our help videos, and all our previously published support content - all in one location, searchable and browseable by topic. You will now be able to rate and flag our support content, so that our team can quickly stay on top of the needs of our customers and improve our materials on an ongoing basis.

Our new support ticketing system will be introduced shortly.

The new system will allow you to submit tickets just as you do today, but improvements on the back-end will give our support specialists faster access to customer information and your support history, as well as give you the ability to interact over email and submit screenshots with tickets.    

We constantly strive to improve our industry-leading customer support here at Squarespace, and hope you find these changes to be a welcome improvement. Visit our Help & Support Center at