Today, I am proud to announce the first wave of public beta invites to Squarespace 6.

Squarespace 6 is more than an evolution — it is a completely new way of managing content. Built from the ground up with the knowledge gained from seven years of creating content management systems, Squarespace 6 is the result of more than a year and a half of incredible work by our team. We have created an environment where you can rapidly create a beautiful website in a matter of minutes, managed from an interface that is like nothing else on the web.

We have spent our time optimizing the core parts of the Squarespace 6 system: blogs, galleries, the page builder, and widgets (now called blocks). The beta is initially launching with a set of portfolio templates. Portfolio templates have incredibly diverse presentation styles, and represented an excellent initial challenge for our team. The platform, of course, doesn't end there.

The Squarespace 6 beta will start with Squarespace friends and family. We will be releasing invitations daily. If you build websites for clients, apply for our developer program here, with the subject "Squarespace 6 Developer", which has been underway for months.

We are incredibly excited to share our hard work with you. We've attempted to anticipate many of your questions in our Squarespace 6 FAQ. Please note that this platform is a beginning for Squarespace — it gives us the ability to create templates with unprecedented flexibility and iterate on our product many times faster than with our previous version. On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your ongoing support. We are thrilled to share Squarespace 6 with you!

Photography in the video by Rhys Logan

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