In terms of software, a .1 version bump isn't generally something to get super psyched about, but we're pretty excited about this one, and we think you will be, too. This update is a doozy. But really, beyond full support for iOS 4's background tasks and fast app switching multitasking features, & iPhone 4 Retina Display support, what else could we have possibly fit in there? Well, since you ask:

Editing Modes. You asked for it, you got it. You now have full control over your editing modes including Text, HTML, Markdown, and Textile. The best part is, the mode selection stays synced to your post once it's been pushed from the app. Open it up in your site, and it'll be in the same editing mode. Change it there, and it'll be changed when you get back to the app.

Comment Moderation. This has been a very long time coming, but hey, anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? Moderate existing comments, reply to comments, approve comments, mark comments as spam, and email comment authors directly from the app.

Push Notifications. Yes, this is technically part of comments, but it deserves its own bullet. New comments and/or comments awaiting moderation will now send a push notification to your device. New comments will also pop a pretty badge onto the app's icon if you ignore the push notification.

Bug Fixes. Had to be mentioned. Photo uploads are back in working order and ready to go. Not to mention, we've optimized it for speed, so you should notice a significant boost.


Alrighty, folks, have at it! It's up and ready for download in the iTunes app store. Users upgrading from a previous version of the app must uninstall the old version before upgrading. As always, if you encounter any bugs, funky/chunky monkeys, monkey wrenches, or other oddities, let us know by opening up a support ticket. Otherwise, enjoy!