BP's disastrous oil spill has been and still is wreaking havoc in the Gulf of Mexico. We might not be able to sit down with BP and work out a solution, but we can do our part to help clean up their mess. The enormous oil spill is leaving hundreds of animals completely coated in oil, jeopardizing their lives, and even the very existence of some 400 species.

As of 6/14/10, The Daily Green reports that over 127,000 barrels have covered an area over 130 miles long and 70 miles wide. This space includes an average of 25 million birds that frequent the gulf, not including the multitude of species of marine life affected by this spill.

We've teamed up with with three wonderful companies, Metalab, Campaign Monitor, and Woo!Themes to raise money to help clean the animals who have been affected by the spill. Every penny will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation and we four companies will be matching donations up to $35,000

If you can't contribute, you can still help by spreading the word. Follow @killspillorg and tweet:

We can clean up BP's mess. Help clean the animals affected by their spill. Donations matched to 35k. @killspillorg

These animals aren't going to clean themselves. We need to do something to help.