As Squarespace has grown, we are extremely focused on the infastructure of running our platform.  Right in the center of that equation is our data center, located downtown in New York City.  We've just completed some pretty massive changes, and wanted to show you all (with pictures!) what we've been doing.

Squarespace has grown from it's tiny little 3-server cabinet 7 years ago through the years to one of the largest clients in our facility.

In our biggest update to date, we made the following big changes:

  • Installed 7,000 feet of cable and 900 networking ports.  Expanded into a fully custom cage environment with room to grow for the next 2 years.
  • Integrated a fully modular switch fabric with a network capacity of 1.536 Tbps.
  • Established redundant power feeds from 4 different UPS systems.
  • Upped our server capacity drastically and moved certain processing to VMWare.
  • Installed redundant uplink feeds to Internet.

We expect these changes and updates will grow with us as we get even bigger and better, but as always, plan to stay on top of our needs and make adjustments where necessary to ensure that we continue to deliver our 99.9% uptime.