It's time for something new! Today, we're rolling out our Tag Cloud Widget. There have been a ton of requests for this one, and we're really happy with how it's turned out. Our very own Jamie Tsao developed it personally, so you know it's good.

You want details? You got 'em:
Display Count and Style. You have hundreds of tags on your site. Choose to show all of them, or just a few. If you'd rather show them in a list than in a cloud, that's one click away.

Display Control. Total control over the way your tags are displayed means sorting alphabetically or by frequency, it means control over magnification and opacity of your frequently and not-so-frequently used tags. Toggle tag count display for each tag in your cloud, and hide tags with with a value less than X.

Style Mode Integration. But, of course, none of that would be any good if you couldn't match it to the look and feel on your site. So, just like our social widgets, the tag called is fully integrated with Style Mode, so you can change fonts, colors, sizes, spacing and more, all without touching a line of code.

As with any new features, if you encounter any issues, bugs, wild boars, parts of your complete breakfast, or other weirdness please let us know by opening up a support ticket.

Otherwise, we're looking forward to seeing these implemented on your sites. Be sure to tweet the link to your pages to @Squarespace so we can see what you've done with them!

Until next time, Happy Squarespacing!