Squarespace for iPad is finally here and just in time for the holidays.  Consider it our holiday gift to you.  The iPad's extra real estate gave us much more room to breathe and allowed us to pack quite a bit more into the mobile Squarespace experience. If you've used Squarespace for the iPhone, you'll feel right at home with the iPad version.

Editing posts on the iPad is a great experience -- you'll see tags, categories, excerpts, comment counts, and the post's author along with the date and time.  Tapping a post or comment now opens a tray below the post containing your options for action.  This lets you take action without losing sight of the post you have selected.

The post editor is now one of the most powerful iOS text editors this side of Pages.  A good portion of the web editor has made it into the iPad app.  Just like in the iPhone version, you can change editing modes (Text, Markdown, Textile, Raw HTML), but now, if you're in Markdown, Textile, or Raw HTML, you'll be able to bold text, italicize, mark quotations, insert photos and links, and even set an excerpt!  Plus, you'll find a very handy pair of undo/redo buttons in the top left.

We've spent an immense amount of time on the details of the user interface -- and we hope you'll download the app to experience it for yourself.  As our primary mobile developer Chris Cox says, "It's bad ass."

As always with a new release, if you notice any oddities, please let us know by opening up a support ticket through Website Management > Support Tickets area in your account manager.