The Squarespace iPhone app has been steadily improving since it's initial launch.  We've been listening to user feedback, fixing bugs, and rolling out lots of new features.  If you don't have the latest update v1.0.7, you can grab a copy here.

So what's new in the latest release?

  • Orientation - The entire app can be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • Editors Accounts - It's now much easier to register an editor account.  
  • Syncing Posts - When saving a post, either publish directly to your website, save to your website in draft mode, or save offline to your iPhone.  Syncing posts between the iPhone and your website is now much easier.
  • Multiple Account Switching - Add as many accounts as you need.  Or even add the same account several times, with each one using a different journal.  You can quickly switch between accounts by selecting the drop-down title bar at top.
  • Image Sizing - In the accounts page, you can now set up default image sizes for each account.
  • Image Editing - It is now much easier to add images, rearrange them, and delete them from your posts.
  • Speed - We've made a bunch of speed-related optimizations.  The app now feels much more fluid.
  • Bugs - Yup, we had a few.  But we're working hard to squash these as quickly as they come.  Keep sending in support tickets if you find one!

Additional upgrades are around the corner.  Some of the new features you can expect soon are:

  • Post comment approval and management.  Also, the ability to receive push notifications when you receive comments.
  • Tight integration with your Twitter account.
  • Advanced ability to edit the positioning and sizing of images.
  • ...and a few more surprises! :)

Thanks again for using the app!