CEO, Dane Atkinson (front), Engineering Director Davin Chew (center), and Director of Technical Operations Rolando Berrios

For those of you that think playing video games is for lazy couch potatoes, you've obviously never played Mario Kart at the Squarespace offices.

Mario Kart requires skill. Mario Kart requires determination. And most amusingly, Mario Kart also requires pushups--at least it does here.

It's true: the price of entry into any Squarespace team Mario Kart game, is the understanding that win or lose, you're going to be doing some pushups.

Here's how it usually goes down:

  • Post lunch, a group of 4 Squarespacers will gather on the couch, and go to battle
  • 4 or 5 games will be played
  • Screaming and cursing will ensue
  • Based on the final scores, the winner will do as many pushups as the loser's final score and the loser will do as many pushups as the winner's final score. The second placer does pushups corresponding to the 3rd placer's score and the 3rd placer does pushups corresponding to the second placer's score.

Ok, just writing about this is exhausting enough, but trust me: I have seen these guys do many, MANY pushups in the couple months since I joined the Squarespace crew. The loser could end up doing up to 75!

So let this be a lesson to us all: video games can actually be good for your health!