At the half point in our Twitter iPhone Gift Card Giveaway, we're all pretty darn wowed by the response.

While, of course, we hoped and anticipated that this would all be a giant success, we have been absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm, excitement and participation of the Twitterverse-at-large. We've received tens of thousands of tweets so far, have gotten thousands of new followers, tons of great comments right here on our blog. So, first and foremost, THANKS!

That said -- we want to take a moment to make an important change: 

  • Starting from today's entry period (the prize dated June 23rd), and continuing to the end of the contest, tweeting "#squarespace" a SINGLE TIME enters you into the contest in perpetuity until all phones are given away


The rules of this contest were conceived for a much smaller audience, and is the first time we've ever run something like this. While we think it's great to see people tacking on #squarespace left and right, it wasn't our intention to have Twitter so consumed by the nature of this campaign. This change also implies that tweeting multiple times will not improve your chances of winning on a going forward basis. 

Also, there have been various questions about whether or not an iPhone is being actually given away. As was originally posted to our front rules page, the detailed rules page, in our FAQ, and to our Twitter updates: You're entering to win a $199 iPhone gift card ( usable towards an iPhone, upgrade, or anything else at the Apple store. Between starting this contest right before the iPhone 3G S launch (we couldn't even purchase them), and the issues surrounding iPhone activation from AT&T -- Apple advised us this was the best way to conduct the giveaway, and we agreed. Most of our winners are actually pleased at the flexibility of winning a gift card instead of a physical product, and given that the old iPhone 3G is now $99 with contract, the prize seems better than winning the old model anyway.

Thanks again for all of the positivity surrounding this event. We wanted this campaign to be a thank you for the success we've seen over the past few months, and with this change, I hope this can become a much more non-intrusive part of everyone's day.

Our F.A.Q. has been updated as well.